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Special Topics:
Human Activity Analysis
Fall 2016

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Instructor: Deva Ramanan (
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Lectures: M,W 12:00-1:30pm NSH 3002
Deva's office hours: After class


Course overview

This seminar course will overview state-of-the-art techniques for understanding human actions and activities. The course syllabus will be centered on low-level motion processing, mid-level pose analysis, and high-level activity and intent recognition. The course will be mix of lectures (many of them from experts in the area) and paper readings. Students will be expected to present 1-3 lectures, as well as complete a course project on a related topic (in groups of 1-3 people).


Graduate computer vision (16-720) is required, and learning in computer vision (16-824) is strongly encouraged.


Grading will be based on lecture presentation, course participation, and the final project.


I gladly acknowledge a host of other instructors for making their teaching materials available online.